How to make your PC Boot faster

Tips on getting your PC to boot up faster.

How to make your PC Boot faster  

Start with the BIOS 

The BIOS is the best place to start when you’re looking to decrease PC boot times.

A lot of companies will configure the BIOS making it easier to

  •         Add additional drives,
  • Boot from CDs,
  • Enable WiFi or Bluetooth. 

Once you have setup your computer

When you’re getting your computer setup for the first time, many of these default settings are reasonable.

But once you’ve got things working as you like, you can return to the BIOS and disable those that don’t apply to your configuration.  

Here are a few tweaks I recommend: 

  1. -Move your boot drive to the First Boot Device position.
  2. -Disable boot devices not in use. For example, if you don’t need to boot to a CD, disable that option.
  3. -Disable Quick Boot will bypassmany system tests. (Not asimportant today as it once was.)

Disable hardware you aren’t using such as:- 

  • Firewire ports, 
  • PS/2 mouse port,
  • e-SATA,
  • unused onboard NICs, 

Update to latest BIOS.  


  • Any changes you make to the BIOS will need to be saved. 
  • Your computer will need to be rebooted.  


If you decide you need to:- 

  • boot from media. 
  • Enable a device.

You can always go back into the BIOS and make those changes.