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Scam I hear you say? Not so... here are 3 ways to get free crypto currency with no investment needed! So far I have not put any of my own money in, and now have around $180 in cryptocurrency all for FREE! sure I could withdraw it and spend it but its quite fun seeing how high you can get too!

Number 1. This one gives the most coins! and its the fastest! I did it in under 30 minutes! You will get you around $30 dollars instantly! with the chance to boost it to around $80 if you can get 4 friends to do the same! its pretty much an instant $80 free! Basically you need to join coinbase once you have an account simply look for the earn link where you for each short (2 min) video you watch you earn a few dollars! Don't worry theres only around 10 videos. After watching and correctly answering a question you will get instant crypto you can keep , withdraw or convert it! Some of the coins give the option of refering upto 4 friends and offer $10 for each friend refered! Join Coinbase and get your free coins here [CLICK]

Number 2. This one is really quite fun! It doesnt produce many coins initially, but can multiply rapidly! so wheres the fun? Well it has betting gambling features! So your small coins could soon be worth much more! Each hour you get to roll a random spinner! most numbers produce a small number of BTC but the Jackpot (currently stands at over £150 GBP) and you can spin every hour! then theres the betting, FREE lottery (each roll gives FREE lottery tickets) a High / Low game where you can multiply your BTC! And you can even earn interest on your balance! Take a look Join FREEBitcoin Here [CLICK]

Number 3. Browser Mining! This one gives you Bitcoin in exchange for switching your web browser! So you earn BTC whilst your online! in todays world, most PC's are just left with the browser running 24/7! You may as well take advantage and get in on the crypto market for FREE! take a look Join Cryptotab and download the browser here [CLICK]