B4X - The easiest way to make Apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac & More...

Make apps in as little as an hour! with B4X Suite of tools.

If you think creating apps for Android or any other platform for that matter, is beyond you, or will take months of studying and coding, think again!

Simple, powerful and modern development tools.

With B4X, anyone who wants to, can develop real-world solutions.

Easy plain english basic coding, coupled with a professional editor, and a super friendly knowledgable community forum, You can be coding apps, and websites, in under an hour!

B4J - FREE - Make apps for Windows, Linux MacOS. 

B4A - From $59 Free Demo - Make apps for Android devices.

B4i - From $59 - Make apps for Apple iOS devices.

B4R - FREE - Make programs for Arduino ESP8266 devices.

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